Father Gailhac: life and Legacy

The students to 8th grade of Marymount School Medellín – Colombia, worked in groups of 2 and 3 to do the Project Father Gailhac: life and legacy.

They got inspired by the father Gailhac’s life, taking pieces of it and representing it in different ways (realistic, cartoon, abstract), they also used different techniques such as colored pencils, watercolor, paint, markers, and paper. Watch the vídeo.


  • Antonia Arenas and Luciana Yepes
  • Ximena Cano and Emiliana Ramirez
  • Camila Cuartas and Maria José Duque
  • Isabela Hoyos and Allison Romero
  • Emma Jimenez and Juliana Monsalve
  • Eloisa Marín and Camila Uribe
  • Maria Antonia Mendoza, Lourdes Rodriguez, and Sofia Yepes
  • Helena Rivas, Belén Garcés and Mariana Ríos
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