Logo for the Process of the Beatification of Fr. Jean Gailhac


One’s gaze is initially drawn to the center of this logo where its fundamental message is found. The central luminous yellow-red sphere symbolizes the intensity and the inner nuclear fire that characterizes Jean Gailhac’s faith. The color of this sphere gradually intensifies, is not uniform, so it projects light in motion, a restlessness, on Gailhac’s face, and represents what Gailhac’s personality was like, constantly evolving.

This luminous sphere assumes yet another meaning: the idea of internationality and the expansion of the RSHM Institute in the world. This idea of internationality is illustrated by a set of interconnected dots forming a network. This is a network of values and goals which we can associate with the sharing of a common Mission in all the places in the world where RSHM sisters are present or where institutions and people, in some way, carry on the RSHM legacy.

Also in the center, we see another identity element; this one very specific: the portrait of Gailhac’s face drawn in a simple line projecting a youthful and serene, but also deep and reflective countenance.

The blue element surrounding the central core should be interpreted as Jean Gailhac’s embrace of the world, the world that Jean Gailhac never gave up trying to change, even in the face of enormous difficulties and major imbalances of various kinds, verified during his lifetime and at other historical moments.

The exterior golden-hued elements symbolize the perpetuation, in time, of the Jean Gailhac Project and, at the same time, represent the irradiation of his charisma and inner energy flowing outward from the core, the fire of his firm certainty that it is possible to transform the world.

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